Rachelle Goller, O.D. is an optometrist that is beloved by our patients for her detailed examinations and dedicated treatment of all aspects of vision and eye health.

She secured her undergraduate education at Stern College for Women where she was recognized as Valedictorian of Judaic Studies. She went on to study at the State University of New York College of Optometry. Her clinical internships included the VA hospital in St. Albans, Queens, with a concentration in the diagnosis of glaucoma using the most up to date technological equipment, and the East New York Diagnostic and Treatment Center where she became proficient in working within a multi- disciplinary medical center to provide collaborative care for patients' health.

If you are experiencing any eye problems, read this self-assessment quiz to see how Dr. Goller can help you:

- Do you feel your prescription is not correct and your vision is not as good as it should be?

Dr. Goller specializes in difficult prescriptions, detailed determination of reading prescriptions and prism correction--- to maximize your visual potential.

- Do you experience headaches, eye strain or tired eyes when using the computer or reading?

Dr. Goller performs detailed binocular vision evaluations to determine near vision prescriptions and/or the need for Vision Therapy- to provide comfortable vision for all your daily needs.

- Are you uncomfortable wearing your current contact lenses, looking for the healthiest choice of contact lenses or want to be able to see far and near with contact lenses?

Dr. Goller provides comprehensive contact lens fittings with the newest technology in lenses and various options for reading ability with contact lenses- for all day comfort, maximum oxygen permeability and best vision at all distances with contact lenses